Monticola Consulting Ltd was founded in 2015 by Nicky Runeckles to use her experience in mental health and digital health to help advance the impact of digital solutions in healthcare.

Nicky Runeckles, Founding Director

Having spent most of my career in the mental health care sector, running mental health services and in senior business development roles, I then joined Big White Wall, an online mental health service in 2011. As Commercial Director, I was instrumental in expanding BWW’s reach in the UK. My years at BWW gave me a real insight in to the power of technology to put people at the centre of their own care.

In 2015 I decided to set up Monticola to bring together my operational experience in mental health services with my commercial and digital health experience. I am now delighted to be working with organisations who are keen to maximise the impact of new technologies for the people whose lives they touch.

This NHS Voices blog and presentation at NHS Confederation’s Annual Meeting in 2015 will give you a feel for my approach. You can also read what others have said about my work here. I would be happy to have a conversation if you’re interested to explore how I could work with your organisation.

Why Monticola?

The “bluebird of happiness” has long been seen as the symbol of happiness and hope in many different cultures. The latin name for the European bluebird (the blue rock-thrush) is Monticola solitarius, which inspired our name and logo!


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