Mental Health and Digital Health Specialists

Monticola provides healthcare consultancy services to various organisations. Our expertise is in mental health, health technology and business development.

Technology has transformed the way we bank, shop, travel and live the rest of our lives, and yet in healthcare we are still struggling to catch up. Digital health solutions offer exciting opportunities to transform the way healthcare is delivered; enabling us to really put people at the centre of their own care and empowering us to take control of our own health.

Monticola aims to advance the impact of digital solutions in healthcare by working with organisations that want to make a difference in this space. We want to see more people accessing support for their mental health in new ways. We want to see the innovation that already exists more evenly distributed. So we help people and systems embrace the change that’s needed to move healthcare further in to the digitally enabled world we now live in.

What we do

We have worked with some of the leading mental health providers and digital health organisations. We add value with our extensive mental health, digital health and commercial expertise.

Who we are

Monticola Consulting Ltd was founded in 2015 by Nicky Runeckles to use her experience in mental health and digital health to help advance the impact of digital

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